Going Green Saves Green

Finding ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is an essential goal for every homeowner. Upgrades in appliances can make a difference. Things like energy-star rated dishwashers and washing machines all do their part. If your home has a natural gas connection, switching to a gas dryer and tankless water heater can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of those appliances vs electric.

As long as your home’s structure allows it, you can hire a company to spray foam insulation in-between the walls and also insulate the attic. Replacing old leaky windows with quality windows – double or triple pane – can help keep cool air in and hot air out. Old aluminum sliding glass doors can let all your AC’s hard work out into the Florida heat. Replacing them with new Energy Star rated sliding glass doors from A1 can make a world of difference to the comfort of your home. As an added bonus, installing hurricane impact windows and doors can also qualify you for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. To top it all off, TECO and Duke Energy offer credits for installing energy efficient upgrades. All of this adds to big savings for the homeowner.

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