Spring is Here, Let’s get Gardening!

Springtime has arrived and so has the time that many homeowners begin planting for the new season. It is important to know the soil around your house to decide if it’s best to plant in the ground or create a raised bed. There is such a wide variety of what a person may want in their garden: vegetables, fruits, butterfly plants, plants that attract bees, plants that are low maintenance and even plants that need some more care. Other considerations are how to keep little critters out of your garden and if you are planting vegetables, and if you want it to be wholly organic (something to consider if thinking of using pesticides).

There are are plenty of sources available to help with gardening facts and information. The link provided is a great place to start:

University of Florida: Gardening in March

Whether you are gardening as a hobby or for curb appeal and aesthetics of your home, now is a great time to enjoy the cool weather and the beauty of Spring.

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