Spring Cleaning? Organizing Your Home is a Good Way to Begin

Life gets so busy that the home can quickly fill up with clutter. Taking the time to organize can really help to relieve stress, make the home feel bigger, cleaner, and help the homeowner fully relax and enjoy the home. Before tackling such a huge project, it’s important to think and process before the job potentially becomes overwhelming.

Below are some helpful tips for organizing the home:

  1. Tackle one room at a time, perhaps start at the front of the home and work your way back. Once you’ve decided on the first room, grab a notebook.
  2. Jot down the problem areas in the room and what you want the room to really function as. Perhaps you have a formal dining room that you don’t necessarily use as the dining room because your family primarily uses the “breakfast nook,” but you realize it would be nice to have an office. Write down ways to clear furniture (either donation, garage sale, or using it somewhere else in the house) and how to make it functional for your family’s needs.
  3. Once you’ve written your plan, start tackling. Sometimes it’s helpful to have 3 boxes plus a trash bag- one for items you will keep, one for donation, one for a garage sale, and of course the trash bag.
  4. Give each room time. It may take one room per weekend or if you have help, you may be able to tackle a good portion of your home over a few weekends.
  5. Make sure to donate the items you plan on donating and if you have enough items for a garage sale, have the garage sale soon.
  6. When thinking of things to keep and get rid of, think about whether you have used it in the past year. For example, if you do a lot of crafts and have held onto some old dresser knobs for 2 years because you might actually need them one day, but have yet too, it may be time to donate or sell them at the garage sale.
  7. Once all your hard work is finished, remember to celebrate, breathe, and relax in your now splendid and organized home.

Resource: http://housekeeping.about.com/cs/organizing101/a/BeginOrganizing.htm

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