Summer Heat Can Bring Higher Electric Bills, Here’s How to Save:

Florida is known as one of the best vacation spots! It is also known as the Sunshine State which for Florida homeowners means higher electric bills to overcome the heat and humidity. Here are some ways to enjoy the Florida sun, stay cool, and save money!

1. Invest in shades or curtains that help to block heat from entering the room.

2. Make sure to set the thermostat so that when you are away during the day the air conditioner is not running. There are some great thermostat options that can be set to start cooling your home an hour before you return. These thermostats also allow you to control the temperature from your Smart phone. So if you are taking a trip and notice your air is running, you can turn it off!

3. Raising your temperature and using a fan uses less energy and therefore less cost. There are even energy efficient ceiling fans that help reduce costs even more.

4. Replacing your lightbulbs with energy efficient lightbulbs will often produce less heat which helps to keep the room cool.

5. Turn your water heater to 120 degrees. This helps to save money and also prevent burns.


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