10 Quick Tips

For the month of October, we will be doing a brief series of 10 quick tips!

Today, we will focus on 10 Quick Tips to add instant curb appeal for little cost:

  1. Paint your front door. Trendy colors have been ones that pop- a light blue, pastel yellow, and red.
  2. Pressure wash everything. It’s amazing what wiping away years of dirt and grime can help your home look brand new.
  3. Upgrade your house numbers.
  4. Upgrade your porch light.
  5. Add some hanging planters, vertical planters, or a small variety of potted plants on the porch and around the front of your home.
  6. Cover an exposed foundation with ready-made panels such as a faux stone or brick.
  7. Hide your A.C. unit and trash cans with fencing, plants or a DIY wall.
  8. Replace your old doormat with a fresh one.
  9. Add faux shutters to your front windows to add some layer and texture to your home.
  10. Place some faux stone or brick edging along your garden and sidewalk path.

Any of these tips will help to refresh your home and cost very little!

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