What to do With all That Halloween Candy?

It’s been over a week and you still have bags of Halloween candy. Below are a few ideas on what to do with all that Halloween candy:

  • Freeze some. Place some goodies in a freezer bag and throughout the year, you can add some to ice cream to create milkshakes.
  • Bake it! There are countless recipes on candy brownies and cakes. Bake a couple and share with some friends!
  • Place some chocolates (depending on the kind) into your coffee and you have created a tasty mocha for the morning!
  • Bring some to work for a quick mid-day pick me up!
  • Save it for Holiday decor. Get creative and use some for the next gingerbread house!
  • Bring it to work again, but this time leave it in the break room to share with all.
  • Send a care package to a friend or drop it off at a local hospital for the nursing staff!
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