Preparing for Holiday Guests!

It’s the Season of giving, joy, and guests arriving! Whether you have multiple guests or just one coming to stay, below are some items to consider as you prepare for your guests.

  • Make sure comfortable arrangements are made for where your guests will be sleeping. Have an extra blanket or two available, as well as a pillow so the guest can grab it without needing to ask.
  • Make sure closet and drawer space is cleared so your guests can unpack.
  • Place some books and magazines near the bed so there is light reading available.
  • Have cotton balls, cotton swabs, toilet paper, and towels out where your guest can grab them without needing to ask.
  • When the guests arrive, let them know where they will be sleeping and give them a chance to settle in.
  • Have snacks available and let them know what they can help themselves to in the kitchen.
  • If sharing a bathroom, let them know when the bathroom is available to get ready and when breakfast will be ready the next day.
  • Have a schedule of things to do, but not too many things so you can also enjoy some simple time together!
  • Arrange your living room for conversation and time together.
  • Make sure to communicate with your guests about schedules, meals, and anything else that will be helpful.

Preparing ahead of time for guests will allow the visit to add to the joyful season!

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