Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

The ball has dropped, confetti has been popped, and everyone has gladly exclaimed, “Happy New Year!!” It’s a new year, a new day, and a time that many will make new (and even some old) new year’s resolutions.

It takes about 41 days to create a habit. Once you make it that far, the next day seems a little easier. But how do you even get past day 15? Or by day 30, you are tired, exhausted, and might find being motivated more challenging…

Below are some ideas to help you keep motivated until day 41 and beyond:

  1. Make a list and be specific. Lists. So classic, but they work. Write out what you want to accomplish and be specific on not only what the goal is, but also how you will accomplish that goal.
  2. Think of fun resolutions too. There is the classic- “lose weight” and “eat healthier”-which are great, but in addition to those, think of others you may enjoy more. Such as taking a photography class, reading more, spending more time with your children by playing games and going to fun places together.
  3. For the resolutions, you may have to buy supplies. Be practical with what you need to purchase, but also purchase things you will enjoy using or wearing. Need new workout clothes and really want the way cooler athletic set? Then buy it. If you will want to wear it, you are more likely to stick to your goal.
  4. 10 minutes. Think of all the things you can accomplish in 10 minutes. For example, you are wanting to exercise more- you can do jumping jacks, crunches, lunges, and run in place for 10 minutes. There are 10 minute workout videos which allow you to start small and work your way up to more. Or take the dog on a walk for 5 minutes more than you normally would.
  5. Set up reminders. Use your phone to help create daily reminders for yourself. Share with your family what your goals are and they can help to encourage you, as well as cheer you on. Join a group focused on what you are wanting to achieve. This will help keep you motivated and you may have more fun too!

It’s a new year and a beautiful time to accomplish new (and old) goals! Happy 2016!

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