Organizing the Children’s Space

It’s almost a month after the holidays and you may still be trying to figure out what to do with all the new toys, clothes, and other items your children received. After donating or selling any toys not played with anymore, what to do next?

If you have never rearranged your children’s bedroom and/or playroom, this can be a great way to really change up the space. It can feel new, refreshed, and may even find that some things fit better in different spots. Measure the beds, dresser, and any shelves before you start moving items. Plan the space on a sheet of paper so you can really visualize how it might work. Then, start moving! This will also help maintain any healthy new year’s resolutions as changing up the room can be a great workout!

Maybe the way the room is, is truly the best. It may be time to replace shelving that just does not work any more. Or maybe your children never use their dressers but could still use extra closet space. A wardrobe with some shelves can help and also another great place to store toys. There are endless options from retailers that sell shelving and storage solutions- from cute shelves that display toys to cube shaped shelves that allow toys to be hidden in decorative fabric boxes.

The tas6873223944_be5a0fa91c_ok can be overwhelming and take some thinking, planning, time, and possibly comparison shopping. Take a weekend or two to really tackle the project and bring some new organized life into the room!

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