Keeping Your Home Safe While Away

It’s vacation time and that means planning not only for your vacation, but also for your home and pets. It is important to take some steps to protect yourself and your home before traveling.

When traveling, avoid posting anything on social media such as Twitter, but do alert a close friend or family member. Have a close friend or relative gather your mail, newspapers, and complete quick checks around the house to make sure everything is fine. You can also go to the post office and have your mail placed on hold and delivered when you return.

Putting your lights on timers is a good investment. There are some that you can schedule to be turned on at certain times and even some that you can turn on yourself from your smartphone. This helps so that potential intruders think someone is home.

Installing high-grade window materials can also help keep your home safe. A1’s Impact windows are made with a super strong laminate that will add to the security of your home.

Remember to have a place for your pets to stay while away. If you hire a trusted pet sitter, that can also be helpful to keeping your home safe (someone is home!) while away. There are also plenty of pet-friendly kennels and boarding centers around town. Check the reviews and information on the site to make sure you find one you are truly comfortable with for your pet.

Happy vacationing!

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