Five Things to do Before Summer Ends

We are already half way through July and the school year will be starting soon! Before you miss the summer time, her are 5 things to do before it all ends:

  1. Visit the pool and/or beach! Soak up more sun and the exhilaration of jumping in a cool pool after being in the hot sun.
  2. Water your plants, but not too much! The plants and grass may be looking a little dry, but they only need 1 to 1.5 inches per week. Water your landscaping once or twice a week to encourage deep root growth. It will help your plants longterm and hopefully save a little money on the water bill. The best time to water is between 4am and 8am when the water won’t evaporate too quickly and not also saturate the ground for too long if watered at night.
  3. Get your car detailed. Once the school year begins, so does all the extracurricular activities that come with. There’s something nice about starting fresh and clean, even if you will need to give your car a good clean again in a few months.
  4. Squeeze in some more family time with a game night, craft time, or exploring something new in your own town (such as a museum, splash pad, event, and /or restaurant).
  5. Plan one or two more barbecues! It’s the best time to invite friends and family over to grill. Try to plan at least one more get together before everyone’s schedules get busier.
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