Benefits of Impact Windows

The irony of living in beautiful and geographic areas is these areas deliver plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. Even nature in beautiful places provides severe weather such as tropical storms and hurricanes. Therefore, homes always need protection from intense conditions. So, to provide assurance and a layer of added protection to homeowners, homeowners install impact-resistant doors and windows. To know more, let us discuss the benefits of impact windows and impact resistant doors:

Noise Reduction

Impact windows and impact resistant doors are an excellent source for insulating noise. If you live near a busy street, airport, train line, have noisy neighbours or a house full of kids, then installing impact windows and impact resistant doors is the best option for you. As with the installation of the windows and doors, inside noise will not escape and vice versa.

Theft Deterrent

Sellers of burglar alarms prominently suggest placing a sticker indicating the alarm system protects your home. Sellers suggest so because most burglars deter from attempting a robbery because the signal will cause complications. Similarly, impact resistant doors, and windows offer deterrence as burglars would not be either able to smash through a window or cut glass to get inside. Also, most burglars seek houses which provide easy entry.

Debris Protection

During heavy storms, debris can fly through the air and strike your house. However, impact-resistant windows and doors do not sacrifice their integrity due to flying debris. These products will keep your home safe from fragments of glass and the entry of flying debris. Therefore, most retailers of the windows and doors comply with area building code standards. You can purchase impact-resistant products in areas of the most severe storms.

UV Protection

Impact windows and impact resistant doors not only protect your house from debris but also protects from the harmful sun rays. Therefore, retailers also supply windows and doors which offer protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Also, these windows and doors protect common household fixtures such as carpets, furniture, photographs, wood floors, and many more from wearing due to the rays of the sun.

High-Tech Glass is a Window to the Future

There are many way to have your home become more energy efficient, but did you know your windows and doors were one of the best ways?


Check out this awesome article here:


This is especially important for Florida considering the number of days we have clear skies and how prevalent hurricanes are becoming. We are your number one source for impact rated windows and doors – not to mention how energy efficient they are!! Fill out the “free quote” for more information.

Tampa Bay New Year’s Eve Events

It’s that time of year again! The time to celebrate with friends, hope for the new year, and wonder how you will welcome it.

Below are events happening around the Tampa Bay Area- from family friendly St. Pete First Night to a New Year’s Eve fireworks cruise. Whatever you decide to do, we wish a very safe and fun Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from A1 Windows and Doors!

As the holidays approach, this time of year can become stressful and chaotic. Remember to take a moment to yourself so you can stay refreshed during this season. Take a walk, do some yoga, remember to take deep breaths, listen to music that helps you feel encouraged, and call a friend to chat. Enjoy time with family, friends, special holiday events, and even special holiday meals! You may still have much shopping, volunteering, working, and wrapping of presents to do, but remember to still get a good night’s rest if you can.

We hope you have a holiday that is restful, full of peace, love, and laughter. 5282671121_7dce1aff0e_b

Holiday Lights in the Tampa Bay Area

As the holiday season is here, it’s time to go for a nice drive at night and see holiday lights! There are well-known neighborhoods, homes, and downtown areas that offer wonderful lights to view. Below are a list of some of the great light events around the Tampa Bay Area:

Holiday Lights in the GardensLocated at Botanical Gardens in Largo- take a stroll through the beautiful garden while viewing thousands of lights, lasers, and animated figures.

Downtown St. Petersburg: Located all along Beach Drive-you and your family can enjoy dinner at one of the fine restaurants and then take a stroll around the park.

Tampa Bay Times: 11 Places to See Christmas Lights


Happy Thanksgiving From A1 Windows and Doors!

thanksgiving websiteThanksgiving is this week! That means family time, lots of delicious food, and cooler weather. If you will not be helping out in the kitchen this year, below are some ideas on what to do while you wait for the turkey:

  • Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  • Play football
  • Play a board game
  • Play charades or Pictionary
  • If you have little ones visiting, have them pick 2 or 3 leaves from the yard and trace them on paper. They can then color and write what they are thankful for (and have them pick more so the rest of the family can join!).
  • Relax and enjoy the warmth of family and celebrating together.