Parking in Downtown St Pete

Downtown St. Petersburg is bustling prime place to be on the weekends. There is always so much to do with multiple events spread throughout the week- from the Saturday Morning Market, festivals, marathons, restaurants, museums, and many more events. With the Grand Prix preparations, it can make it challenging to quickly find parking. So be sure to plan accordingly. Whether  you are visiting or live in St. Pete, finding a great place to park to enjoy all these events is important.

There are parking meters along the streets (most require payment on the weekends, some do not) and parking garages. There is the Sundial garage (formerly Bay walk) that is  the mostly frequented, but more garages have opened up with the increasing amount of downtown visitors. From the South Core garage between 1st Ave South and Central Ave to the 2nd Ave N Lot. offers a map that can easily be viewed on your computer and also an option to print a map with other helpful information.


Here are some helpful links to assist you in navigating Downtown St. Petersburg

Discover Downtown St. Pete

Printable Map of Downtown St. Pete Parking

Going Green Saves Green

Finding ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is an essential goal for every homeowner. Upgrades in appliances can make a difference. Things like energy-star rated dishwashers and washing machines all do their part. If your home has a natural gas connection, switching to a gas dryer and tankless water heater can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of those appliances vs electric.

As long as your home’s structure allows it, you can hire a company to spray foam insulation in-between the walls and also insulate the attic. Replacing old leaky windows with quality windows – double or triple pane – can help keep cool air in and hot air out. Old aluminum sliding glass doors can let all your AC’s hard work out into the Florida heat. Replacing them with new Energy Star rated sliding glass doors from A1 can make a world of difference to the comfort of your home. As an added bonus, installing hurricane impact windows and doors can also qualify you for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. To top it all off, TECO and Duke Energy offer credits for installing energy efficient upgrades. All of this adds to big savings for the homeowner.

Enjoying Florida Nature in St Petersburg


View of downtown St. Pete from Lake Maggiore Trail

Whether you are visiting or a St. Pete native, Boyd Hill Park is a beautiful place to be. Especially this time of the year. The butterfly garden is in full force with monarchs and other lovely butterflies. The garden has its own charm with fairy houses and an inviting pathway for a closer look.

There are many options for walking paths with charming surprises along the way. Bridges that take you to astounding views of Lake Maggiore and downtown St. Petersburg, a variety of art sculptures, birds of prey, and even the old bridge known as the endearingly as the “Troll Bridge.”

Once finished, you can explore some more inside and learn more about Florida nature.

Boyd Hill

The Education Center of Boyd Hill Park in St. Petersburg, Fl

Boyd Hill is a beautiful and peaceful place to be, especially this time of the year when the weather is cool and there’s always a light breeze.

Adding Light to Home Renovation

Network TV offers viewers a smorgasbord of home improvement shows like Property Brothers, Income Property, and Holmes Inspection. Just watching walls being moved, foundations repaired, subfloors patched, and a new kitchen installed can inspire a homeowner to renovate. Alongside the main event kitchens and bedrooms, there are the details that really tie a renovation together. Nothing makes a new kitchen pop like beautiful French Doors opening onto a new patio, or new vinyl colonial style windows accenting a traditional front door.A1Windows_FRENCH_door1So as you watch these shows and begin planning the next upgrade in your home (be it the kitchen, master bathroom, or adding curb appeal) don’t forget about the importance of the windows and doors. Our Energy Star rated vinyl windows are an essential part of any home improvement project. Installed by A1’s team of AMAA Certified Master Installers, you can be sure they will stand the test of time, and the test of Florida’s harsh weather. Make your home feel brighter, cleaner, quieter, and the electric bill a bit lower with some new windows from us here at A1 Windows and Doors.