IMPORTANT - Before you begin, please note: If you are requesting service for Windows, the specific factory Window sizes, listed on the (well-hidden) manufacturer sticker, are required before A1 is able to process service orders. If these form fields are left blank, your request will be delayed until these details can be provided to our manufacturers. Please look for the WHITE window sticker and write down the numbers before you start completing the Service Request Form.

Below is an example of the WHITE window sticker that contains this information, these are not the original stickers you would have already removed from the glass. It is typically found by lowering the top sash. In the frame of the window - at the top - there should be a WHITE sticker with black lettering (not the Gold sticker or the Silver sticker).

 The first line should start with four numbers, then a string of numbers, followed by a forward slash ( / ) or a period ( . ) and three more numbers. 

Beneath those numbers should be another size (e.g. 35.375 x 49.825). 

We will need both sets of those numbers to proceed.

 In this example, you would submit:

0857 00000000 / 000 and 36 x 74 3/4

window label example

Service Request Form