A1 Windows and Doors uses a custom suite of products from specially selected manufactures. All of our windows and doors are manufactured in the USA. Windows and patio doors from A1 are expertly designed and skillfully manufactured to provide you with cost-saving energy efficiency, exceptional safety and security, greater comfort and remarkable beauty! These products are made with strong, premium-grade materials that help keep out intruders and also make them unbelievably easy to operate and clean. They require practically no maintenance and will look as beautiful and work as well decades from now as the day they were installed in your home.




Double-hung windows are the most popular window style ‒ and, in fact, are the most-used window throughout the country. A double-hung is the classic residential window, composed of a set of vertical sashes that both slide up and down. What is immediately apparent about an A1 Windows double-hung window is its stylish beauty. What might not be so easy to see – until you get your next power bill – is how energy efficient vinyl double-hung windows are.



Casement windows are hinged on the side and open outward to the left or right. Usually taller than wide, their entire sash opens to provide top-to-bottom ventilation. It looks like a picture window because unlike double hung or sliding windows, a casement window has no rail.  These windows are very weathertight due to the window seal meeting the sash straight on. Additionally the screen is on the inside, making cleaning a breeze. If you're installing windows over a sink, countertop or appliance, a casement window with a crank can be the perfect solution.



Sliding window are like double- hung windows turned 90 degrees horizontally. They feature at least two sashes, with at least one sash sliding horizontally past another. They create a contemporary look while allowing in breezes from multiple directions. Sliders look great in homes with relatively low ceilings, but with plenty of horizontal space along the wall. In addition, a sliding window has a more contemporary appearance than the colonial-style double hung, so this is ideal if you happen to prefer the modern look.



Picture windows from A1 allow you to create a dramatic, artistic effect inside your home by beautifully framing your view of the scenery outside. These types of windows come in all shapes and sizes, and are fixed windows, rather than made to be opened and closed. Because picture windows are stationary and are manufactured to our industry-leading standards, they are among the most energy -efficient windows you can find.




Many of our windows offer a foam filled sash. This thermal foam increases the overall energy efficiency and rigidity of the window. We include the foam filled sash on every window that our engineers approve compatibility with. For added protection and strength we have partnered with our manufacturers to offer K-Beam™ thermal reinforcement with Kevlar for select window models. 




Our vinyl windows offer superior water and air resistance due to their expertly engineered sash and frame system. Poorly designed windows can leak air in many places. A1's windows excel in minimizing air infiltration by incorporating innovative sill and sash design and top-of-the-line weatherstripping.